The Silo Cinema is a unique, community run Cinema shown on the side of an old grain silo in the Mallee town of Quambatook.


About Us

It all started when…

an Artist in Residence, Dave Houston,  had the brilliant idea to project his short film about Quambatook locals onto silo’s in 2014. The audience were amazed at how un-distorted and clear the images were and this got us thinking  how it could be a regular event to keep us locals entertained.

Then interest in Silo art became a hot topic with Guido Van Helten’s iconic mural on the Brim silo. The Quambatook Community Development Association* (QCDA) saw an opportunity to capitalise on this and applied for a grant through the Foundations for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) Small Grants Program for the purchase of a powerful projector to allow us to project onto the silos.

Our beginnings…

were a little rough around the edges. With the assistance of the Gannawarra Shire Council we hired a sound technician to help us out and joined forces to screen our first movie for National Youth Week in April of 2016, The Labyrinth, to an audience of about 50 (including us volunteers). Our next screening, The Rocky Horror Picture Show was chosen for Halloween. A mozzie plague meant that even the locals didn’t want to venture out and, including the volunteers, only 15 people attended.

As a committee we were all a little dejected. Should we try again? We knew we had a great idea and that it was unique and truly Australian. So we thought, why not try one more time but show an Australian movie that reflects the hardships of small towns.


Held on a beautiful day in February 2017, The Dressmaker attracted an audience of 450 people. Not only that, a large amount of our audience got into the swing of things and took our advice to “Frock up and Rock up”.

We had a hit and Quamby Silo Cinema was now officially a thing.

The biggest take home message for other community groups is that if you have a great idea, stick with it. Persistence can pay off.

The Quambatook Silo Cinema…

now screens a couple of times a year, with screenings mainly held with a new moon in February and October. We now screen exclusively Australian movies and our events are famous for the atmosphere, food and fun before the movie as much as our uniqueness for screening the movies on our silos.

*Quambatook Community Development Association Inc. is an amalgamation of the local progress and planning groups.

Our aims are to create a vibrant town and act as a channel between the local community and the Gannawarra Shire.

Our past movies…

COVID disrupted our usual cinema activities during 2020 and 2021 and then widespread flooding in October 2022 saw us reluctantly cancel our planned screening.

Fun fact…

Biggest crowd was 450 for The Merger February 2019


26 Guthrie St , Quambatook
Victoria, Australia

PO Box
Quambatook, Vic 3540