The Silo Cinema is a unique, community run Cinema shown on the side of an old grain silo in the Mallee town of Quambatook.



Frequently Asked Questions…

“Why don’t you do more than a couple of screenings a year?”

This is a common question, and believe me there is a method to our madness.

Firstly, in high summer the sun sets very late here and dusk is very long. We wouldn’t be able to start screening the movies until after 10pm, meaning a very late finish.  Being a Mallee town, we also have harvest and as our silo’s are functioning, we simply couldn’t close down the road without affecting the farmers.

In winter, while the sun sets earlier, it is cold and most of our volunteers have other obligations like football and netball on weekends. We have screened movies in mid-year for special events such as ANZAC day and sponsored events, but generally these are events where we know we will have a significant audience beforehand.

“We have a silo in our town and would like to run Silo Cinema’s too. Can you give us some advice?”

We are proud of our event and as harsh as it may sound, we would like to stay unique. We would be happy to give advice on how to market events to wider audiences but as far as running silo cinemas go, we really don’t want to share it. Sorry, but the Quambatook Silo Cinema is a major fundraiser for our little town providing opportunities for small groups and businesses to make some outside money.

“Is there food available?”

YES YES YES. We have a number of small groups that cater our events. We have hot potatoes, hamburgers, waffles, drinks, sausage sizzles and a local coffee van. You are also welcome to BYO a picnic.


Strictly Ballroom tonight was absolutely fabulous! Love loved loved it! Food was amazing and what a perfect night to watch a movie on a silo! Well done to all involved. We will be back.
– Jo Guthrie

What a wonderful night it was. Thanks everyone.
– Jenny Gamble

Great night & friendly community, and yes the waffles were yummy.
– Steph Hughes

It was a great night ( Meg), and a great stay in Quambatook, as usual. Thanks to Jackie at the caravan park and Wayne at the pub, and all the volunteers at The Silo Cinema. Hope to see you all again in October.
– Jac Moss

Saturday night I was lucky enough to head out to Quambatook for the ultimate in movie viewing, the silo cinema experience. You couldn’t have got a better night to sit out under the stars and watch the old Australian movie favourite Strictly Ballroom.

As soon as it gets dark enough the projector is cranked up and the movie appears towering above us on the iconic silos. Quambatook has learnt to be a resilient town with its small but mighty population punching well above its weight for innovation and community spirit and their hospitality is second to none. I also have to say the food cooked by the locals was simply amazing, especially the paella, the baked potatoes and let’s not forget the waffles.
– Sophie Baldwin Independent For Mallee


26 Guthrie St , Quambatook
Victoria, Australia

PO Box
Quambatook, Vic 3540